Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Review: 'Rosehip by essano' Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water

Hello everyone! As I'm writing this it's a glorious overcast, chilly day - which is one of my favourite weathers. Pale skin like mine doesn't like the sun!

Awhile ago I was looking around the supermarket for a makeup remover. I used to just use my cleanser to remove my eye makeup at the end of the day, but it's not the most convenient method, and because my Ethique cleanser has salt in it, it can sting my eyes. But there aren't many cruelty-free makeup removers out there that are both easily accessible and cheap. I came across Rosehip by essano's Micellar Water, and grabbed it because it was the only cruelty-free option that I could see. From memory it cost me around $NZD8.

Rosehip by essano (www.essano.co.nz) - spelled with a lowercase e - is a New Zealand-based cruelty-free skincare company that specialises in using rosehip oil. Some of their products are certified organic by Ecocert, and all of their products contain certified organic ingredients - so while they are not 100% organic, they are close.

Micellar water has been around for a long time, but has only just hit the mainstream (read. US) market in the past few years. It is comprised of 'micelles', which are small oil molecules, suspended in soft water. The micelles are attracted to dirt and grime, which means that you don't need soap and other cleansing agents to grind away the dirt - the micelles attach to the dirt and grime, dissolve them, and when you wipe your face, remove all the nasties. It's meant to be a no-rinse, no-fuss solution to removing makeup and cleansing the skin at the end of the day.

So let's get onto the review!

The bottle is pretty huge - there is 400mL in the bottle and is estimated to last for 200 uses. I like the look of the product - it has a pretty colour scheme, has a nice font (yes, I notice fonts!) and packs in quite a lot of information in a glance. The cap is solid and clicks satisfyingly shut - this reassures me that this bottle would be safe to take travelling.

When you pour some of the product onto a cotton pad, it feels exactly like water, which is weird and takes some getting used to. I have used this on a cotton pad and on a face cloth, and while the cotton pad was better and removed my makeup faster, I feel that this is wasteful, so I prefer to use a face cloth. But it works well with either medium.

The liquid has no scent or colour, so I don't think that it would irritate sensitive skin. It didn't burn my eyes at all, even when I got some in my eye by accident.

This product takes off my eye makeup really well. I hold the soaked cotton pad or face cloth to my eye, soak my (closed) eye in it for a few seconds, wipe away, and most of the makeup is gone. I usually only need one or two more swipes to get every trace of makeup off. I don't need to scrub at my eye or even use a lot of product to get the desired result. It is just as effective with foundation and other base makeup. It takes a little more work to remove liquid lipstick, but it does eventually get it off without too much scrubbing. Oil (I prefer coconut or olive oil) removes liquid lipstick the fastest in my experience, and micellar water does have oil in it, so this does do the trick if you don't have any straight oil on hand.

Test arm (L-R): lipstick, liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, foundation (that is way too dark for me - and this shade is called Ivory!), and mascara. 

After one swipe of the product! The lipstick is almost completely gone, the eyeliner is almost gone, the foundation has disappeared, and the mascara is mostly gone. 

Two swipes of the product! Everything is gone apart from the liquid lipstick.

After a couple more swipes, some rubbing needed to remove all the liquid lipstick. This lipstick does leave a stain, and the micellar water doesn't remove this (to be fair, neither does oil).

I like to use this on my eyes, although I also like to rinse afterwards as it can leave my lids feeling slightly sticky. But unfortunately using it on my face breaks me out! I have used it three times on my face, and each time I have had a breakout. And the pimples end up in weird places - at the moment I have one on my cheek, which is a place where I never get acne. I get the same result even if I cleanse afterwards with my usual cleanser.

So I will continue to use this to remove my eye makeup, but I will stick to using a cleanser to take off base makeup, and won't be using this to cleanse at the end of the day, which is somewhat disappointing.

Have you tried any other micellar waters? I am intrigued by them, so leave me some recommendations! 

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  1. Haha...You kept me hopeful of the product in which I thought you live the product at first. Thanks for ur honest review