Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lush Review: The Kiss Lip Scrub

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Today I'm going to be reviewing Lush's newest lip scrub called The Kiss! This is part of their new Valentine's Day line, which is a gorgeously scented product line with adorable names, like the Prince Charming shower cream and the Lover Lamp Bath bath bomb.

Lush lip scrubs are, in my opinion, a bit overpriced. One pot of lip scrub costs $NZD11.50, which is expensive when you consider that the main ingredients are sugar, safflower oil, and sea salt. But I do love them because they have colours and flavours that you would find difficult to recreate at home, and they're that kind of frivolous product that look cute in your bathroom cupboard.

 I think The Kiss is a cute name! It makes me think of fairy tale kisses and Disney princesses.

The Kiss is a pink-coloured scrub with little red hearts scattered throughout it. The British and American versions look like they have sprinkles as well, but there aren't any in my NZ version from what I can see, and there's nothing in the ingredients list to indicate that there are any. There's also some subtle glitter in there.

They look a bit lumpy in this photo, but there are definite hearts in there.

The packaging is a simple glass tub with a pink label. I'm a bit disappointed with this, because the American version has a cute silhouette of two people kissing on the lid, surrounded by a heart, and the NZ version is just a plain pink sticker! However I was really happy to see that my Lush store was displaying the Valentine's Day line with queer-friendly advertising! It was titled 'Equal People, Equal Rights, Equal Love'. It made me feel so much happier walking in, and made it feel like a safe space for me.

The scrub itself smells like sweet candy and mandarin. It is a relatively soft exfoliating product, so it doesn't scratch at the delicate skin, although you do need to work a bit harder than is desirable to get off flaky patches. You end up with a bit of sugar surrounding your mouth, but if you're careful then this isn't a big deal to wipe off.

Unfortunately the taste isn't as good as the smell! It's still sweet, but it's a lot tangier than what I imagined it would be. There's also a slightly salty taste from the sea salt - but combined it's a weird taste. But then again I think that this might be a good thing, because I literally ate my last one (Popcorn flavour) out of the pot more often than I care to remember.

Because this is pretty much just sugar and oil, it lasts for a long time.

Once you've rinsed or licked off the product, your lips are left feeling a lot smoother and plumper than before. I recommend using a lip balm immediately to lock in moisture. The scrub doesn't irritate my lips or stain them, which is great - sometimes highly coloured products can do that to me!

My only real complaint is that the little red hearts just don't dissolve! When you scrub your lips some naturally falls into the sink below you (assuming that you do it in the bathroom), and every time I use it, no matter how careful I am, those red hearts end up in the sink and I have to wipe them off. I think that if they were made water-soluble then the product would be cleaner to use, and I worry a little about what happens when they go down the sink into the water system!

So overall this is a cute little product. It's not my favourite of their scrub line - Bubblegum will always have my heart - but it's sweet and does a good job and it brightens my bathroom cupboard!

Have you tried anything from the Valentine's Day line? Let me know in the comments below if you liked them!

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